“Dance central has always been not only a thriving business but a place where dreams and passion is nurtured. Dance central gave me the supportive foundation I needed to have the courage to pursue my goals for a career in classical ballet, and now as a member of the corps de ballet in The Australian Ballet Company, I look back at my time there with pride, gratitude and fond memories. Dance central promotes confidence, creativity, love and excellence through its staff and teachers, and the professional manner they use in all that they do. Through their commitment to creating a positive environment for everyone who comes to Dance Central, they have made a hub for the arts and more importantly, a family.”


“This is our first year at Dance Central, (2015) and we are so impressed! Our youngest daughter was still dancing with another company this year, but we will be moving her to Dance Central next year as well. There is no comparison in the quality of the two productions and in what the girls have learnt. Thank you to all your wonderful teachers. Well done!”

Dance Central is an amazing place with tremendous people who have helped my children grow into who they are today. A place of acceptance, aspiration and support. I always thought my children would not dance. I am so glad the did and still do. If your kids haven’t tried a dance class I encourage you to consider giving them the chance at Dance Central!

“My daughter has attended Dance Central for over five years. We were initially drawn to enrol her after attending an end of year concert where we were blown away by their professional production of Mary Poppins. Opportunities are boundless for any dancer at the studio who has enthusiasm and commitment. A highlight for my daughter was dancing with the Imperial Russian Ballet at the Empire Theatre. The highly trained staff put in endless hours to train and mentor the students, and the evidence is seen in their numerous performances throughout the year.”

“Dance central has truly been a wonderful experience for my daughter.The teachers are professional, knowledgeable and are always willing to go out of their way. They truly care about each and every one of their students and all are encouraged to reach their full potential. My daughter has made great friendships which will last a lifetime. I feel very lucky to be part of a great dance studio and my daughter would not be the dancer she is today without the incredible teachers of Dance Central!”

“Dance Central is an incredible, nurturing environment full of enthusiastic and inspirational dancers and teachers willing to go the extra mile to help you get the most out of your dancing. Full of like-minded creative youth members Dance Central is like a second home to many of its pupils. The talented staff are constantly going out of their way to create a safe and enjoyable and environment and I always leave their extensive classes with a smile on my face. I wouldn’t want to dance anywhere else!”

“Highly experienced and professional teachers”

‘My daughter has been dancing at Dance Central since she was four years old, starting in pre-primary ballet. She is now up to Year 6 ballet, and also does Contemporary Ballet, Jazz, Interfoundation and Junior Company. She has blossomed from a very very shy little girl to a confident, well poised and happy 11 year old, and I am sure that her dancing has had a lot to do with this. The dance teachers are amazing – their encouragement is always positive and she has formed friendships with the other dance students that she will have for many years. Dance Central is a place where the students learn about the importance of discipline, but also a place away from the rest of the world, where she can just be herself and ‘dance like no-one is watching’.

“My three children are all different and have different strengths and weaknesses. My soccer player enjoys his Hip hop class. My runner loves her tap and jazz classes. Finally my reader adores Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary dance classes. They all love Dance Central.”

“Dance Central has provided my non-athletic child with healthy activity, focus, friendship and a passion for dance.”

“What a fantastic experience being part of the Dance Central family is for my 12 year old daughter, Misty! We joined the studio in April 2012. It was our first experience at an Australian dance studio and we weren’t really sure what to expect. We arrived at Dance Central on the first day to a very warm welcome. Misty was so excited at all the dancing opportunities available to her and wanted to try as many classes as she could. She comes back home each night with a huge smile on her face and can’t wait to get back to dance each day. The students are really friendly and she is developing some lovely friendships with the other students in her classes. It is an absolute pleasure to view the classes at the end of each term and I am amazed at how much the students have accomplished in such a short space of time. A highlight for us was being part of the end of year concert. I found the choreography to be outstanding and it was clear that many hours had been spent on the costumes. We appreciate the many additional opportunities available to Misty like Mrs Young’s wonderful open class and the Rad ballet and jazz holiday classes held in Toowoomba. A welcome addition this year has been the opportunity to join Ms Whalley’s Elite ballet classes which Misty is loving. She has just successfully auditioned for the Dance Central junior company and I’m sure she will enjoy being part of this team.Thank you to everyone at Dance Central who puts so much energy into making this such a wonderful journey for her!”

“The professionalism of the end of year concerts are a perfect culmination of the hard work done by both students and teachers.”

“Dance Central has provided my daughters with a wonderful dance experience. The staff are very professional, talented and helpful. They provide a nurturing environment, recognise the potential in each child and strive to help that child reach that potential. We love Dance Central!”

‘This is my daughter’s 9th year as a part of the Dance Central family. She has grown up surrounded by the loving and nurturing teachers while being given the gift of a dance education second to none and the tools as well as the freedom to develop into the beautiful dancer she is today who lives for her dancing and considers Dance Central her second home.’

“Thank- you Dance Central, thank you for the warmness, support, professionalism and nurturing you have shown our girls. Thank you also for the amazing and endless opportunities you have provided for them while supporting other opportunities that have come their way over. You have helped focus their love of dance and passion for performance, from the variety of dance styles to the opportunity to be a part of elite classes in Ballet and Contemporary as well as the performance group Velocity. One daughter now hopes to take on performing at a professional level. Dance Central has become their home away from home, put simply they love their Dance Central family.”

“Jasmin has been with dance central now for 3 years after changing from another studio. We have found Dance Central to be very professional and supportive with Jasmin. Jasmin’s dancing skills have improved out of sight which I attribute to a good working relationship between student and teacher. Thank you Dance Central.”

“Dance Central is an absolutely amazing place to learn and teach dance, I have had the privilege of being a student and teacher at Dance Central for the past 11 years. Over this time I have seen many talented dancers grow and make life long friendships due greatly to Dance Central’s nurturing atmosphere and teachers. Highly talented, qualified and dedicated teachers make Dance Central one of the most outstanding dance studios I have had the pleasure of being a part of.”

“My daughter began dancing at Dance Central, Toowoomba in 2003. During the time we have been involved with this dance school I believe that she has grown in confidence, her self-esteem has improved and she has developed a wonderful love of dance and music. My daughter has also learnt that you need to work hard for what you want but when you do work hard you can achieve excellent results. Dance Central is like a second home for my daughter. She has made great friendships and really feels part of a team. The staff are caring and encouraging and provide opportunities for her to challenge herself while learning several different styles of dance. She enjoys being a part of the school’s Junior Company, working towards, and participating in exams and performing in the end of year productions. These end of year productions are always professional and provide a wonderful experience for the students. Dance Central Toowoomba offers everyone the best in dance training whilst still promoting a happy and fun environment to learn to dance.”

I just wanted to email and say thank you for such a wonderful ballet experience for our daughter and our family.  I am always so impressed with the professionalism, friendliness and helpfulness of yourself and your team (Michelle was amazing at helping me get sorted for next year)!

Our daughter only started ballet in term 3 of this year (2017) and I have to admit I was very hesitant for her to take dance classes again, as we had previously had a negative experience with another dance school quite a few years ago. However, the inclusive and welcoming culture that you have created at Dance Central is amazing – every interaction we have had has been a positive experience for Estella and myself.  When she walked out of her first class with the delightful Miss Elissa with other students coming up to her and letting her know how well she’d done for her first lesson, I knew that Dance Central was a pretty special place with a supportive culture that extends down into the students.  After our daughter’s concert first six months of ballet she is feeling proud, inspired and motivated for 2018.  Thank you for the hard work and commitment and for creating a studio that is welcoming for families and children.



Hi Alison, my son has had the most wonderful year (2018) and the positive change I have seen in him is thanks to your amazing dance school and teachers. He just loves to perform / dance and has found his passion. For a boy who has struggled and is a little quirky this makes me beyond happy.

Thinking of enrolling?

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