The dressing room is available for access by students ONLY.  Please understand that we ask parents to remain outside the dressing room area to protect the safety of your children

Students are to remain in the waiting area for collection after class. Students must NOT wait outside for their parents.

Lessons missed due to scheduling of examinations, etc can generally be made up at another time in the week. If there is no class available for your child to make up a lesson, please see Miss Vallette. Please note that children who miss class due to family commitment or illness are welcome to attend a make up class at another time, however, no refund for classes missed will be offered in these circumstances

For any student whose class is scheduled last in the timetable, please note that teachers will remain at the studio for 15 minutes after the finish of the class, during which time every effort will be made to contact you via phone. Please ensure that you are prompt in collecting your child. All other students should remain in the building until collected by designated adults

If you would like to remain on the premises during the class, there are waiting facilities, however as long as we have contact details for emergencies, this is an ideal time to pop out and do some shopping or go around the corner and have a quiet cup of coffee!

Please ensure that staff members are aware of absence from class by leaving a message on the answering machine at the studio. Whilst attendance rolls are taken each day, it is necessary for fire and evacuation purposes to be able to account for all students on the premises

Performance is the life blood of dancing’ however we do not consider ourselves a big “Eisteddfod studio”. Interested students are entered in the Ipswich, Gatton and Toowoomba Eisteddfoddau. Please see me early if you would like your child to compete in any of these. Lessons will be scheduled for performance items accordingly

Dance Central has developed a code of conduct to create a safe, positive and supportive studio environment in which each student can enjoy their opportunities, and achieve their greatest potential educationally. In developing and implementing the Student Code of Conduct we aim to foster high standards of behaviour based on co-operation, mutual responsibility, self-discipline and the promotion of positive, non-discriminatory relationships among students.

It is part of our risk management policy that all teachers hold a current blue card

Examinations are not compulsory at Dance Central – merely encouraged. Examinations are offered in R.A.D (Royal Academy of Dancing) for Ballet and S.F.D. (Southern Federation of Dance) for Jazz and Tap. Examinations are a valuable measuring stick for your child’s progress, and are useful as they give your child a goal to strive towards. The examination is graded and marks are awarded to the student. Ballet examinations can also take the format of assessment (a non-graded presentation class). Examinations will be held at Dance Centrals’ Toowoomba studio. Ballet exams are generally late July – early August, and Jazz and Tap exams in September. It will be necessary, depending on your child’s grade, to attend extra classes in the terms prior to examinations. I will discuss examinations with each parent prior to entry. Any fees due for examinations will be added to your term fees. These fees must be prior to exam entry

Family discount is offered to families with two or more children attending the studio.

5% for second child

7.5% for third child

1-% for fourth child

There is a book located in the foyer area of the studio. If you have anything that you would like to discuss with any of the teaching staff, please make a note of this in the book. Teachers generally do not have time to talk to you between classes as classes are scheduled back to back. We do not however wish to lose touch with anyone, so please let us know via the book if you need to discuss anything with us.

No – we do however have a second hand board that parents post their items for sale.

The end of year performance for 2013 is “Robin Hood ” for the Senior School, which will be performed at the Empire Theatre on Saturday 1 December at 1pm and 6pm.

The Junior School performance will be held on the 16 November at 1pm, to take advantage of the cooler weather and to try and relieve some stress on busy parents as the year comes to a close.  This year’s performance will be “The Fantastic Toyshop” for the Junior School which will also be performed at the Empire Theatre.

All drama students will perform in the Junior school performance.

All students are encouraged to participate in the performances. Please come along and experience your children’s’ marvellous achievements this year. Tickets will be available from the 23 September at the Empire Theatre.  Please note that all students in the junior performance will receive a free child’s ticket to the matinee performance of Robin Hood.

Classes vary in length according to age/experience. A full timetable is available for enrolled students. For others enquiring about uniform, more information is available from the Thinking of enrolling? section or you can send your enquiry via email.

We operate normal state school terms with classes being held on pupil free days. Classes are not held on public holidays and fees are adjusted accordingly.

Yes you do need to reenrol every year and the earlier you do so, the more likely you are to be able to get into the class that you would like. Reenrolments for the next year commence at the beginning of Term 4 Classes are closed when they reach maximum numbers.

Classes start for little people at just under 3 years old.

Costumes are now hired to the students – no making of costumes is required.

We hold a performance at the end of every year at the Empire Theatre.

Classes are offered for adults in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Tap and are generally at a fairly basic level. For adults with more experience, ‘open’ classes are available.  We also have a Silver Swans Class for ladies and gents who are more mature……

All uniforms are available through the studio ONLY.

A full uniform list is available for enrolled students through our enrolment package. For others enquiring about uniform, more information is available from the Thinking of enrolling? section or you can send your enquiry via email.

Prices are varied according to age and length of class. A full price list is available for enrolled students through the Enrolment Package. For others enquiring about classes, more information is available from the Thinking of enrolling? section or you can send your enquiry via email.

A full timetable is available for enrolled students via timetable. For others enquiring about classes, more information is available from the Thinking of enrolling? section or you can send your enquiry via email.

Parents are not permitted to watch classes on a regular basis. Open Week is the final week of every term and parents are welcome to watch at this time. With younger students if you feel that staying for the first couple of classes will help them settle in, the of course you are more than welcome!

Car Parking is available in the vicinity of the studio on Mill Street and Taylor Street. Very limited parking is available on site in Beech Lane. The following procedures have been put in place to protect the safety of your children. Please read them carefully

Please do not block Beech Lane at any time whilst dropping your child in the Dance Central car park. As Beech Lane is a public thoroughfare ensure that you pull off the road completely into our premises. To assist with traffic flow, please approach Beech Lane from the Campbell Street end of the lane.

Please do not under any circumstances use the Lifeline car park as a drop off area for your children nor to park.

Please instruct your child (as we do here) that they must wait in the foyer area of the building for collection. It is not acceptable for students to be waiting in the car park area or in the street for collection. Please make sure that someone comes into the building to collect students

At busy times of the day, it is more important for students to arrive to class in one piece, than on time. Whilst we recognize that collecting children from school and getting them to class on time can sometimes be difficult, we do not want any accidents to occur. Please be assured that the safety of our students is of utmost importance to us.

We are located at 3 Taylor Street, which is just around the corner from Betros Brothers and the Railway Station at the City end of Taylor Street.

Thinking of enrolling?

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